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Yuletide 2016: Dear Santa…

October 9, 2016

Dear Santa,

This is my third Yuletide letter, and it will sound suspiciously like the last two in many ways. Because, dear Santa, you are the amazing person who is going to write a story in one of the fandoms I adore, and you’re writing it just for me!

So firstly, if you are inspired, do stop here and just go and write! I know I’ll like it! I’ve cobbled together some thoughts if you’d like a bit more than that blank sheet, but please feel free to ignore them altogether!

I will say that as a reader, I’m not fond of sex for the sake of sex; but anything that feels true to the character is fine. I’m often more interested in the people than the world in the abstract; the characters are windows onto their world,band seeing it through their eyes is more interesting than reading about it in an encyclopaedia article.

Lives of Tao series – Wesley Chu

The way the two factions of Quasing are the bad Quasing and the worse Quasing is great; especially because of the way the factions have changed over time. I’d love to read more about Tao – especially Tao interacting with any of his past hosts whether famous or obscure, or Tao and/or his former hosts interacting with other Quasing and/or their former hosts – especially Chivya or Baji.

Chanur Series – C. J. Cherryh

Absolutely anything with hani in it will delight me. Perhaps especially something that explores one of the ways that hani society is beginning to change or that’s about a character that sees beyond or doesn’t quite fit into the usual mold, but really; hani on Anuurn, hani in space, hani interacting with other species…

Human Resource Machine – Tomorrow Corporation

 There are tantalising hints of the story scattered throughout the game – coffee levels, things the managers say. I’d like anything that fills the world out or develops the characters – or both! 

Cat Pictures Please – Naomi Kritzer  

Further adventures of the AI in improving lives? Ventures into other attempts to change things in the real world? Attempts to directly interact with cats? Anything and everything welcome.

Thank you so much for writing something for me!

The Shadowlover

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