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Yuletide 2015: Dear Santa…

October 25, 2015

Dear Santa,

It’s really hard to know what to say to you! You’re an amazing person who is going to write me something for Christmas!

I’m pretty sure I’ll enjoy anything you want to write, so if you’re already inspired, please do feel free to stop reading now, and just go and write! On the other hand, if you’d like a little more detail or some suggestions, there are a few of those below.

As a reader, I’m mostly interested in people; I tend to think of the setting and the plot mainly as a way to learn about the characters. I’m not especially fond of sex for the sake of sex; but anything that feels true to the character is fine – I really do mean that.

Chanur Series – C. J. Cherryh

This is where I’m going to be least helpful to you, I’m afraid, because absolutely anything with hani in it will delight me. Perhaps especially something that explores one of the ways that hani society is beginning to change or that’s about a character that sees beyond or doesn’t quite fit into the usual mold, but really; hani on Anuurn, hani in space, hani interacting with other species…

Lives of Tao series – Wesley Chu: Tao

The way the two factions of Quasing are the bad Quasing and the worse Quasing is great; especially because of the way the factions have changed over time. I’d love to read more about Tao – especially Tao interacting with any of his past hosts whether famous or obscure, or Tao and/or his former hosts interacting with other Quasing and/or their former hosts – especially Chivya or Baji.

Starfire Series – Various Authors: Uaaria’salath-ahn

What I love most about the series is the ways in which the different species we encounter interact with each other. I especially like the fact that the way one species thinks about issues isn’t always at all comprehensible to another; they aren’t humans with fur. The drive of the protagonists to do what they believe is right no matter what and the comfortably stereotypical self-serving politicians help, of course, and I also like the cool space battles (yay, strikefighters!)!

Uaaria is a fascinating character; in a fundamentally still patriarchal and misogynistic culture, she’s chosen a military career – but clearly not because she’s seeking glory, because she’s a spook. Why is she there? What’s led to her choices? Something exploring her interactions with other Orions – whether in the choices she makes that take her to where she is, or in what happens to her after the Bahgs when things are returning to normal – would be really interesting.

The Laundry Files – Charles Stross: James Angleton

I adore everything about this series and its mixture of ludicrous, true-to-life bureaucratic insanity with eldritch horrors from beyond. I’ve chosen Angleton because I’d particularly enjoy anything that has some insight into what it was like to be the Laundry’s very own monster! Whether right at the beginning (was Angleton ever ‘young’ in any meaningful sense?) or the experience of the Laundry over the decades, I’d love to learn more about him. On the other hand, if you are inspired to write something else, please do – especially if it features any of the more minor characters!

I say again though: you’re the amazing person who is writing me something for Christmas! Please write whatever you are inspired to, whether it bears any relation to anything above or not; I know I will love it!

The Shadowlover

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