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Death of an Orc

September 28, 2012

The old Orc was dying. He did not really regret this. He had lived a long time for an Orc and had seen wonders and battle beyond any expectation he had had as an orcling. He had expected to due months ago in Icecrown. Since then, his understanding had increased vastly thanks to the patient tutelage of the ancient Draenai spirit that had resided within him for a while. Now she had left him, but her lessons were still there and the warrior he had been still benefited from her lessons. The elements still talked to him and he could feel the spirits of his ancestors around. Soon he would join them and that was as it should be, the false immortality her power had granted had been useful in the fight against Lich King and Destroyer but now the world was safe from them the natural order could resume.

He sighed. At least that was clear. In many ways he was grateful. He was too old and tired to have to worry about the rumours that buzzed around Orgrimmar. Tales of what had happened in Theramore, of the Dark Shaman that Garrosh had employed concerned him but be knew where his responsibilities ended. Perhaps once he had joined the ancestors, he would have time to understand and guide the younger orcs, but for now it was time to wait for death. Unless someone sought out his wisdom, he would wait in silence.

He had decided what to do. He would return to Draenor and spend his last days there. It was always possible that the world could continue to mend and he would see what he could do to help. In his youth he had drunk the blood of Mannoroth and helped to destroy the world. The Draenai and elements both had forgiven him for his sins against them and in return he would spend his last days tending the world he had harmed.

It was not the warrior’s death that once be bad courted. But it was a far better one to have, a death worthy of the shaman he had become, not the warrior he had once been.

Slowly he rose to pack his belongings and summon the hippogriff that had been entrusted to his care. It would carry him back to Draenor and there he would stay. The spirit of Orgrimmar was changing and did not welcome him anymore. This was a better end than any other he could envisage.

Besides, if they needed his advice, he was sure they could find him.

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