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Where is the life that late I led?

May 10, 2011

Being undead is never easy. You go through life with a nagging feeling of self-hatred and it is very easy to turn it onto the living. Blame them, we think. They have it so good and they don’t know it. But this is a fallacy. Their lives have trauma too, even if they don’t go “aagh, aagh, get it off!” when touched by the holy light.

Some politicians in Azeroth seem to get this. But most do not. Much as I despise the tactical idiocy of Garrosh (what sort of idiot orders away his close air support?) he does at least manage not to annoy me with continued pleas for understanding and peace. He is a mitigated disaster as Warchief but Thrall I believe was an unmitigated one.

There is not room in the world for both the Horde and the Alliance. When it comes down to it, all other wars are a side show now. Deathwing will fall; he has annoyed enough powerful individuals that this is certain. In my recent travels, I have spoken to demigods and aspects and all are working against him.

The Alliance is far more dangerous because if portrays itself as worthy. It lies and lies and people listen. It claims the land, trying to enslave the elements themselves. For that evil, far worse than any I have done in pursuit of my necromancy, it should be destroyed.

Death to the Alliance!

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