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Things went boom!

October 5, 2010


It was more of a Gnomish response than one befitting a respected Goblin engineer but Zakh felt that for once it was appropriate. For one thing the catastrophic technological failure was more suited to a Gnome. There had been no explosion! What sort of engineering failure did not go bang? Instead, the world seemed to have shrunk. Which was stupid of it.

With a snort, he picked up the now toy-sized wrench and hit his new invention hard with it. It wheezed briefly and then the world exploded and Zakh felt himself soaring. Literally, he realised as he burst through the patented explosion-circumventing ceiling in a hail of bits of metal. This was by far the best explosion he had been in.

This time his response was more suitable and to anyone nearby who was listening might have sounded like “AAAAGGghh…”

Stars are pretty, Zakh decided muzzily, also the world really was smaller. Or possibly he had picked up some height. Or no he really had picked up some height. He realised this as his head broke through the clouds. Then his feet did and he decided that empirical evidence suggested that the explosion might explain this better than height gain, or even world diminishment.

It was at this point that the automatically darkening lenses in his Danger-Perception-Avoidance-Lenses v.2SHRT4U shattered and he found himself able to see further than a foot again. Frankly, he wished they hadn’t. It was all very well to know that a good explosion was the pinnacle of goblin engineering and that a catastrophic failure was more likely to advance the boundaries of knowledge and contribute to the future glory of the profession. But when you can see the ocean through a gap in the clouds with no deck beneath your feet, the lure of scientific immortality begins to pale besides the swiftly impending mortality.

That is the time when all you can do is look at the tiny shadow speeding over the water and desperately cling to your faith.

Right then, Zakh was concentrating with all his might in believing in his parachute cloak.

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  1. Achehrrahn permalink
    October 6, 2010 10:11

    Ha! ::applauds::

  2. Fea permalink
    October 7, 2010 16:18

    *grins* I like. I also want a parachute cloak.

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