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August 21, 2010

It’s not that I’ve forgotten to post, it’s just that I have little to say.

Not little to do, I am trying to assist in setting up a new raiding guild with the ambition to be seriously challenging for firsts on top of all the little projects I have in WoW.

But there is little that I feel is of interest to others. Why should you care that my Argent Dawn alliance bear now has sensible gear. Only in the fact that this had made her less interesting as I can now swipe spam any fight as opposed to trying to juggle single target rotations on two to three enemies.

Oh, here’s an interesting fact. Firefighter is still harder than many Icecrown hard modes. If only because when I am last man standing and have finished off two of the parts of the stupid mechadroid thingummy, I am left futilely spamming death coil and icy touch on the head while jumping in an attempt to reach it with my sword.

Also, have you noticed that the artists of wow love vortices in the sky? Some day I’ll do a survey but there are many of them. I’ve just heard there will be one in Darkshore soon. Really, can’t they be more imaginative?

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