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Tanking Core Tools C: Mobility, Debuffs and Spellbreaking

July 16, 2010

These are the three core utility areas that I think need to be kept consistent.

– Outcome: All tanks can easily pick up new adds and gain sufficient threat on them within a short period of time.
– Here is where there is good flavour; each tanking class has different ways to achieve this and I think that is fine.
* Warriors: Charge and Intervene (+thunderclap). In Cataclysm, Heroic Leap will be added. These are marvellous, probably the most mobility that any character gets.

* Paladins: Avenging Shield and Hand of the Righteous. Paladins probably are the weakest class at this. They have a couple of ranged threat tools but can neither get to another mob nor bring it to them.

* Bears: Feral Charge is another clone of a warrior iconic ability. Good one though.
* Death Knights: Death Knights have their own iconic ability: “Death Grip”. Marvellous spell! Of course, even better is the ranged death and decay which can be dropped on a group to get them all either charging towards you or sitting in a puddle of diseased fire which has no cookies in it.

– Overall, there is little consistency here but roughly equal power and some of the biggest contributors to different playstyles.

Tanking Core Tools: Debuffs
– Outcome: All tanks can apply equal debuffs to their enemies.
– Currently, there are two tanking debuffs: 1) attack power reduction and 2) attack speed reduction.
– The only tank missing these is the Death Knight who does not have attack power reduction. This will be fixed in Cataclysm and this is good.

Tanking Core Tools: Spellbreaking:
– Outcome: All tanks have roughly equal ability to interrupt spells
– Blizzard fails the consistency test here, the two best tanks at this are without a doubt Warriors and Death Knights who both have a 10 second interrupt as well as a second, ranged interrupt on a long cooldown.

– Death Knights and Warriors also have secondary anti-caster abilities that grant them threat as well: anti-magic shell and spell-reflection.

– in contrast, Bears and Paladins have a single interrupt that is also a stun and which is on a far longer cooldown. This is something that needs to be changed for them to have anything like the same interrupt abilities.

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