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The Naming of Cats

July 14, 2010

Yesterday I saw something that made me want to cry. It was in what must be the best ICC10 PUG I have ever been in – we made 7/12 before I had to stop to go to a guild Ruby Sanctum.  Lovely PUG; two mains who missed guild runs, several third alts, and three people for whom it was a very pleasant surprise to go so far. And Lootship+, which I was able to offer them, being a Kingslayer and all, was greeted with excitement by all.

Anyway. This thing. There were two hunters at the start, we lost one and replaced him with a DK later, but one of them had a beautiful black cat as his pet: Humar, the Pridelord. And it was called Cat. Yes, Cat. He hadn’t named his lion! As a hunter myself, some of the time, I find not naming pets very sad – when it’s a special, rare or otherwise hard to get pet, it’s even sadder.

And I do love Ruby Sanctum; Halion is actaully not a walkover, and this makes me Very Happy.

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