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Flavour and Consistency in Tanking 6: Tanking Core Tools

July 12, 2010

One question that occurs to me is “what are the core tools that any tank needs?”. In the previous posts I’ve looked at the tank classes individually, but here I want to focus on those areas where all classes have to be equal. In these, consistency is all and flavour should be subordinated.

Please note that this does not mean that the implementation must be the same, merely that the end result must be effectively identical and if this results in a homogenous look then this will have to be lived with. I don’t like this but I think it necessary and, from what I can see of the direction of the tank classes in WoW, I am agreeing with Blizzard here (shock horror!). Of course, names, graphics and animations can do a lot to improve flavour and give a misleading but fun impression of differences. Warriors can use shields and Death Knights can just be damn tough. We are only really interested in outcomes. Because of this, I will give a suggested required outcome for each tool.

In the next few posts in this series, I shall look at those areas I consider core to tanking and how each one works.

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