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Mind the sky!

July 9, 2010

So, we’re going to have:

• 31 point talent trees,
• 41 talent points only,
• the necessity to pick which tree we are specialised in from level 10,
• exciting iconic abilities for the tree we have speciaised in (e.g. Dual wield and lava lash for enhancemey shaman)
• vastly enhanced passive bonuses to make up for all the boring +damage bonuses that are being got rid of.

With the obvious caveat of it all depends on implementation, I welcome this. Spending a talent point should always be exciting and if it is well done this good achieve that.

In fact, I hope there are no flat dps / healing or survival increases in talents at all so that it is impossible to minmax your spec and not just yak the talents that sound fun.

So no, the rumbling, it’s not the sky falling, it’s me stampng with approval.

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  1. July 9, 2010 16:11

    Yes, I feel the need to compose a post about the great potential in this change of direction. And the horrific train-wreck that is RealID, too. Why must you do these things, Actizzard?

    So far, they’ve confirmed that prot warriors get a passive survival talent in the new trees for reasons that… lack reason. But I guess if the damage is limited and we still get fun toys it’ll all work out.

    • Arcturis permalink*
      July 9, 2010 16:36

      Mmm, I can’t fund anything positive to say about Real ID. Except to talk about monsters from the subconscious perhaps.

      It’s a shame as if they just gave more control I’d quite like it. I’d like to be able yo char with you while I was levelling an alliance character. But I’d want to be able to create specific lists of people who could see different characters and I’d definitely want to be able to block friends of friends.

      By the way, your blog won’t let me comment on it because I can’t log into wordpress from mobile 😦

      • July 15, 2010 15:12

        Argh! I have no idea how that happened, I thought comments were just generically enabled. I’ll go prod Blogger with a hot spoon.

        Also: Yay! RealID is not quite as horrible. In some ways.

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