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Cataclysmic Blood: Hemorrhagic Fever

July 2, 2010

We interrupt your regular feature to look at some breaking news. Loads of information going up. For a lot of it, I suggest going to pwnwear but I will be giving my own views on specific items of interest.

“Hemorrhagic Fever: Gives your Blood Boil a [50%/100%] chance to afflict enemies with Hemorrhagic Fever, reducing their physical damage dealt by 10% for 30 sec.”

From the name, I hoped this would be a third disease to allow Death Strike to do 15% healing rather than 10% (more after talents). Unfortunately it looks like it isnot which is a shame.

As it is, I approve of giving this debuff to Death Knights to even them up with other tanks. But I do think they should reconsider the use of Blood Boil to spread it. In a world without as many aoe pulls, it may be difficult and dangerous to debuff the boss. This feels wrong.

My suggestion would be for Blood Strike, Heart Strike and Blood Boil to all appy it. Adds choice and skill to the board.

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