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All change, please!

July 2, 2010

It’s been a long while since I wrote anything. The fake plastic world sometimes known as real life soaked up most of my time for a bit, and recovering meant throwing myself into Azeroth and ignoring most else.

So; in that time I have achieved all but one of my most longed for goals of the expansion. Killed Algy. Killed Arthas. Gotten Undying and A Tribute to Mad Skills. Finished ‘What a Long Strange Trip’. All that is left on my list of lust is Herald of the Titans.

And somehow this has restored the joy of the game for me. No more wondering if I’ll be playing in Cataclysm, I’ll be there, even if it means going prot or ret on my paladin. I do hope Blizzard don’t actually break holy, but if they don’t it’ll be a pleasant surprise.

Meanwhile, the recent patch just took the biscuit for Epic Blizzard Fail. Ruby Sanctum out, and Cruelty has no instance servers for hours. The best guilds, instead of enjoying new content, logged alts, tried to do ‘For the Horde’ or ‘For the Alliance’ – or made raids to try and defend their leaders. After a few hours people were too bored even for that.

To add insult to injury, it’s still Midsummer, and many of those of us who resent no longer getting to farm the pretty pet until we get it, instead only getting one chance a day, missed out on our Ahune.

I did get into RS in the end, with a PUG that had the wierdest raid balance in the world. Three paladins. Three priests. Three warlocks. One druid. It was hard finding people, many having logged in disgust hours before.

We didn’t get Halion, alas, though we did make phase 3. It was gone 4am server, and people got too tired. However it was a triumph of bloody minded persistence over adversity.

The group hung together through an instance restart, a server restart, multiple wipes, replacing the OT on boss 2 (who could neither pick up clones or tank the boss despite several tries at both), getting a very good but also quite undergeared replacement OT. We killed boss 3 with 9 men 15 seconds before the server restart.

I was proud of us all, honestly, and while getting Halion down would have been the icing on the cake, I was glad enough to have even been there on day 1 despite Blizzard’s attempts to sabotage us.

Come to that I’m quite proud that I can still perform as a tank given a 6 month period without tanking, and tanking gear that while clearly lovingly put together rather shows its age these days.

Getting compliments on my tps from dps who are a tier ahead on gear is sweet – especially when the healers say they aren’t finding me squishy to heal.

And tanking the guild first LK kill was a very, very special moment, given that my cotank was the person with who, back in BC, I’d made crazy plans to do it with. I was on standby, and one of the tanks’ WoW install broke… and it was insane, I’d tanked a couple of weekly raids and heroics, and I felt soooo rusty, but there I was, and I guess I must have done ok!

I must stop rambling. But, it’s good to back!

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