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Savage Defense and my fears for Healing Absorption

June 24, 2010

I know I’ve talked about this often but I was thinking about Healing Absorption again. This time because I have been playing my Druid tank a bit more and have remembered how much I dislike Savage Defense.

As an idea it was a good one and had the potential to allow the developers a tool to equal block and so mean bears did not need quite as outsize health pools or the ability to butt up against the armour cap.

Unfortunately it is much less useful even than the current block (and my current expectation is for it to be even worse in Cataclysm).

Mostly this is because it does not stack. A warrior or paladin under attack by a group of Onyxia whelplings can mitigate an awful lot of damage with a shield overall. A Druid can pretty much guarantee that in such a situation he will have a single savage defense shield every GCD. This is a serious flaw in the class to my mind.

Currently it looks like healing absorption will be better in that it will provide a true damage absorption effect that will mitigate a number of attacks until used up. I can hope this is the case.

I can also strongly think that they should give Druids a similar ability, or just a stacking mechanism. That would maintain flavour and boost usefulness.

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