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PvP, PvE and festivals

June 23, 2010

It’s one of those posts,
Just one of those crazy posts,
A trip around Azeroth on violet wings,
Just one of those posts.

Or in other words, I’m complaining like so many others about dying four times trying to get the Stormwind flag. By the Lich King’s furry pauldron’s that is a long corpse run.

But It’s not just the corpse run, it is the fact that it is so one sided. I guess I could try to organise a large scale attack on Stormwind but frankly the festival is set up so you run into the city, die a few times, get the flame and then die a couple more times as you run out again. I’m an ICC geared tank ad this happens to me. I hate to imagine what it is like for a pve focused squishy.

Even if I was interested in pvp it would be next to impossible to get in and out without dying. But I suppose I might see it as a challenge. As it is I just do it and count the corpse run as an unpleasant part.

But why should there be unpleasant parts to the game?

Frankly, I think all these festivals should have the pvp as optional in non-pvp realms. I took a decision to go onto realms where I don’t get ganked. Could this be carried on please? Let me go and honour the alliance’s flames not desecrate them. And let me carry a flag of truce that stops me being flagged while I do. Let this be a festival where we put aside our hate and honour each other and the similarities between us. We both want to kill Ahune for shiny loot after all. Oh, and maybe even to stop the world being destroyed. It only lasts a week, so have no fear. Be grateful that it doesn’t last all year.

p.s. Bonus points for song identification.

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  1. Fea permalink
    June 24, 2010 17:56

    Very much in agreement on the PvP should be optional part. Mutter. Much as hiding behind Zav and squeaking was entertaining at points, PvP’s more generally irritating and frustrating when it is not what you’re set up to do (speaking as a PvE-spec’ed squishy, here), and I hate having to do it if I want to complete seasonal achievements.

    As for the song, “Just one of those things”, and I assume you’re meaning Cole Porter’s rather than any one of the several billion covers!

    Do bonus points buy biscuits?! Ahem.

    • Arcturis permalink*
      June 24, 2010 18:44

      Biscuits possibly if you find the other. I wasn’t going to make it that easy!

      • Fea permalink
        June 24, 2010 22:06

        Assuming you mean the last (bar one) sentence rather than an odd phrase I missed – Lehrer’s National Brotherhood Week.

        And, I (well, Rag), just got ganked by a nightelf after fire desecrating… despite being on t’other side of the area and two minutes through my PvP flag >.< Grrr.

  2. Fea permalink
    June 24, 2010 22:07

    P.S. Biscuits?

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