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Overpowering an achievement

June 18, 2010

When does an achievement get devalued?

We pugged Undying and The Dedicated Few in Naxx yesterday.

Effectively there was a core of three who knew and had worked together before and five others. They were all very good; skilled and powerfully geared.

Scarily geared in fact, a rogue happily pulling 8k dps on bosses for example.

Does this debase the achievement? In some ways it obviously does. Undying is notoriously unforgiving of mistakes and crashes and we had both. One healer got locked out of Loetheb and one healer got dc’d on Gothix. Considering we only had two healers, the latter would surely have been a wipe at the proper gear level. After all, that was the entire dead side tanked without a healer!

Further, simpy being able to have only 8 people means less chance for mistakes.

But despite that, it felt like an achievement. The tension was thick when we pulled Kel’thuzad and I’ve seldom seen a more textbook version. Everyone skittered out of their void zones and stood far away from them. Everyone was far from each other to avoid chaining frost tombs. I’ve never been so quick ony taunt button when the adds came in.

More, we did not take shortcuts. Nowadays I normally one tank that fight. It is not like the guardian’s are dangerous any more. This time I was quite happy standing on the edge doing nothing until they arrived.

Undying is an achievement that demands competence even at this level. The gear helped no doubt. It covered up the serial disconnects of our poor pally healer. But fundamentally, I was concentrating as hard as on the Lich King kill and that is a good reason to do it. Even Naxx with Kingslayers can be fun if you set yourself a target of perfection.

And I do think that Undying is the best title for my Death Knight. After all, he is undead.

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  1. June 19, 2010 22:10

    When does an achievement get devalued?

    Well, it’s not going to make people go, “Wow, you are ‘The Undying’?!” the way it might have in December of 2008, but… It’s only devalued if it has no value to you! It’s still an accomplishment. Congrats! I keep meaning to go back with a few people and give it a shot myself… I’m partly afraid I’ve forgotten how to dance. >.>

    • Arcturis permalink*
      June 20, 2010 01:21

      Yes, I guess the Kingslayer is the current wow title. But Undying seems so quintessentially death knight that it seems to be becomig my current default. Also nice because it is not often seen nowadays.

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