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I played my furrball and it was good

June 8, 2010

It’s been a long time since I played my alliance druid. All my other allies defected to the Horde but somehow I could not bring myself to let her do so. She was too sweet and too strongly herself. But due to guild drama and upset, I never logged onto her for more than a couple of minutes.

So instead she languished in Sholozar picking up eggs. Seriously! Where is my proto-drake?!

But yesterday she upped sticks to Argent Dawn and is now there. And I tanked Azjol-Nerub and it was fun. I did not even lose aggro to the dps despite being in ilevel 213 max since she has not been in a raid since Naxx. She does have a Black Heart so I must have logged onto her at some point after ToC came out although I honestly do not remember this.

But yes, I tanked and it was fun. But I always forget how easy Druid tanking is if you have your buttons in the right order. Seriously, if you have one target it is rotation 1, if you have 2 targets it is rotation 1 but keep tanning to make sure you have your debuffs on both. If you have more just swipe. It seemed to work anyway.

But yes, I have an Alliance Druid on Argent Dawn. Shame SAN is horde-side.

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