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A Difference of Opinions

June 1, 2010

“I can’t believe you are making me go through with this.” Eleiana’s thought rang testily in Zavhrok’s skull and the orc grimaced. Normally the draenai spirit was content to sleep and allow him to draw on her strength and expertise as needed but sometimes she woke up and paid attention. It was just his luck that she had decided to at this moment.

“We’ve been through this before. You merged souls with me so your powers could be used against the Lich King. Why are you objecting?” He responded mildly.

“Because I took refuge inside your sorry carcass so that I did not get trapped by undead monstrosities and my power used by them! Now you propose to walk into his very castle in a small assassination team. It’s madness.”

“It’s not my madness. Tirion Fordring, Garrosh Hellscream and even the Alliance commanders approved it.”

“Oh, so that’s meant to reassure me. A human who knows the Light as a philosophical ideal, a battle-crazed orc, a human driven made by years in a gladiatorial pit and a dwarf who has already been killed by Arthas once!”

“And the elder Saurfang.”

There was a slight pause before the elder shaman’s reply. “Zavhrok, I do actually respect Varok Saurfang. But his wisdom too is suspect, his child is dead and he wants vengeance.”

“Perhaps, but they are correct about the fact that an army would merely be turned to Arthas’ own ends. Groups of elite champions on lightning raids is the best answer.”

“Perhaps, but I worry about the choice. I know my own weakness and you are still not accustomed to shamanic ways.”

“Eleiana, I am an Orc. Battle is my life and honour is my soul. We will not fail now.”

“No, Zavhrok, we will not.” But the mental tone was sad as the personality of the draenai shade turned its attention to renewing the pacts with the elements and the spritis of both his and her ancestors; ensuring the pair were as ready as possible. For while it was the Orc that would enter Icecrown Citadel, it was the draenai who would get them out alive if this was possible.

When it came down to it, neither was certain it was.

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