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Yeep, I healed! Yes, me, the orc in the manly mail.

May 20, 2010

Well, yesterday I did what I swore I would never do and healed an ICC run. Ok, I confess it was only the first six bosses (and frost giant of many aaghs and many badgers) but even so; there was Zavhrok in his manly mail, covered in hit rating (I’m sure you are not *meant* to be hitcapped for heroics when healing raids).

Now Zavhrok is my original and despised main (who was abandoned in BC because I could not stand the tedium of shamans back then). Since then I have successfully resisted shaman-ing for some time. In the intervening time, I have called a Druid and a Paladin my main and finally settled on a Death Knight as the class I love and want to play. Yet somehow Zavhrok has snuck in and becomey default character to take to alt ICC. As such he is verging on being properly geared for it (as elemental) and so is likely to remain so. Cunning beasts, Orc shamans are!

Oh, and we two healed it! Yes, Zavhrok and the Druid alt of an esteemed colleague were the ones responsible for keeping the aggro loving dps alive. Also the tanks but luckily they barely needed healing (by me at least, I suspect a certain tree of making life HoT for them). So there was at least one practiced and competent healer there.

Frankly, I came out of it shaking and with a pain in my little mouse finger from gripping the darn thing too tightly.

As for how we did. On the technical side, I meant to ask the more experienced shaman healer and forgot in my exhaustion. Which is annoying.

On the practical side, six bosses down, 22 frost badgers gained (two weeklys), only one wipe and just under two hours taken. Pretty much my definitiion of a successful run. We had six guildirs and four pugs and the doggies were all competent and flasked and everything.

In fact to some extent I suspect I was carried. The tree is a mighty oak of healing and the dps had enough output that they probably had enough gear for me to make mistakes. Although to counteract that many were aggro bunnies and I had more trouble keeping alive on trash than bosses.

Anyway, we survived which I am told is the ony measure a healer should care about.

So, er, yes, the Orc in the manly mail can heal. He’ll be carrying flowers next.

The shame!

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  1. May 20, 2010 09:53

    Zavhrok is a great healer! The tree just bounced around putting rejuvs on everything that looked a little bit like a health bar, and left all the heavy lifting to the manly orc of manly mail. This strategy seemed to work.

    Overall, that was a really great run. I mean, with the guild presence I expected to barrel through lower spire with few hitches, but the pugged spots were really delightfully competent. Very pleasant having Rotface and Festergut just melt in front of us, and I’m sure we could have knocked over a few more bosses with ease had it not been so late.

    The only low point for me was running out of mana on Saurfang and causing the only wipe. I should just hand in my Druidic badge and hang my de-leafed head in shame, we’re not supposed to OoM on the last few percent of a boss.

    Anyway, as I said… pleasure healing with Zavh, and I hope the shaking and pained mouse finger don’t prevent it happening again. I’ll even provide the flowers!

    • Arcturis permalink*
      May 20, 2010 11:54

      Yes, the whole OOM business on Saurfang was embarrassing. Not having replenisment hurt!

      Good practice for Cataclysm though. Looks like all fights may end up like that.

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