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All Change Please

May 11, 2010

I was reading what my ursine colleague wrote about the World of Darkness, and it made me think.

Now in general I am very suspicious of any changes to something I really enjoy. Things that are changing have to look noticeably better, or I would rather they just did not change. And this is especially true of something I have spent as much time and love on as World of Warcraft. I have about a year /played in total since Wrath came out. That’s a very sad and slightly scary figure, even accounting for having been logged on AHing while at work because I was working from home. And that makes Cataclysm that much more frightening than Wrath was: my investment is that much more now.

On the flip side, things changing is exciting. They might be better; they will certainly be different. New quests! New Azeroth! New races! And I think and hope that as Arcturis says of nWOD, that it will all hang together better. There won’t be the strange time inconsistencies there are at the moment. And I’m looking forward to seeing it!

At the same time, like nWOD, a lot will stay the same. And that might be a good thing, giving us some familiar ground, or it might not: when a language is almost but not quite the same, it’s jarring not to understand it. You can see the way people cling to what they know in the simple fact that despite Druids being perfectly able to be tank healers, if built right, and Paladins being perfectly able to be raid healers, if built right, they are still not used that way often if at all. Not to mention how long it was before people accepted that Paladins no longer have a monopoly on AOE tanking; that indeed, we have rather different strengths in Wrath.

The way Blizzard is releasing information isn’t helping. A drib and drab at a time isn’t keeping me interested, it’s making me try and ignore the oncoming Cataclysm that will affect this other life of mine until there’s enough information to have a clue what it will mean.Of course, every so often someone says ‘Have you seen such and such’ and I go and read the latest info, because I want to know what they are talking about!

I do wish we either knew what was coming, or didn’t. But for now, we can only wait and see.

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