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nWoD vs. oWoD

May 8, 2010

A warning first that, not having been able to log onto WoW, I have been reading roleplaying sourcebooks instead.

Specifically, the new World of Darkness ones.

It is interesting. I am a longstanding fan of the World of Darkness and so was annoyed when they created a new ediiom that was totally different. I thought it would not be as good.

I was both right and wrong.

• it all hangs together better and appears to be one game not many that they shoved into one world.
• they have kept an annoying amount and changed an annoying amount. So the Ventrue still exist but the Lasombra don’t. But there is a clan called the Mekhet that have similarities to the Lasombra and the Assamites. So I would never be sure I am remembering right.

• system improved, I like the blood potency thing although not the fact that those who lose abilities in Torpor have to respend xp. An invitation to stick to multiple low level disciplines if you ask me.
• world – bleh. I don’t like the whole requiem thing.

• system feels improved. New renown thing works well and I quite like the change in flavour to self-promoted spirit police.
• world also quite nice. Not as conducive to epic campaigns but works very well for a story based one.
• pure tribes? So your major antagonists are the silver fangs? Again a bit too much that is similar without beig the same which I fond confusing.

• least well game in the original and vastly improved.
• system appears to work at first glance. Also more understandable.
• world is more fun. I never much liked the whole technocracy thing and the Exarch/Oracle thing feels more Mage-y to me.

Overall, I suspect if I did not know the original well I would think it better. As it is, I am not sure. Objectively it is more polished but some of the fin seems to have been worn away at the same time.

The exception is Mage. I do think that is better.

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