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The Alliance has some Real Weirdos in it.

May 5, 2010

So there I was, wandering around on my little shaman (who is really not very little now) and I thought to myself, well, I didn’t start life as a Troll, and I hear that these totem quests can be done again on the Other Side.

And they can, it seems, and they give a positively insane amount of xp for some really trivial stuff. Like, ‘Go fill this skin at the pool my son’ type stuff, and getting 12k xp for this!

However, one of these quest givers is in Durotar. Up a tiny, windy path on top of a giant mountain, off which one may easily fall to one’s death. And I arrived at my quest giver, having slowly made my way up this insane hill, to find him dead. Yes, he is a pvp flagged npc, and yes, someone, for some perverted reason I cannot fathom, had killed this low level totally inaccesible quest giving mob. I mean, surely the reward of making some poor lowbie shaman miserable isn’t worth the effort of walking up the hill even?!

And then there was the Eye of the Storm on the first night of Children’s Week where 14 Allies rushed to the flag and stood there, while the Horde took all four bases. ‘Where do I cap it?’ says the numpty with the flag. WTB own faction PVP!

Then there was the gnome warlock on a slow flying mount that insisted on following my miner round Sholazzar, spitting on me every time he panted slowly up to a node that I had reached ahead of him and mined. I mean, what?

There seems to be a strong streak of insanity in the Alliance these days…

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