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Addicted to… addons.

April 30, 2010

Now, it’s not actually true that I can’t raid without addons. I did Beasts25+ progression on a base UI after a bad patch day, when most of us couldn’t get on til raid start, and many addons were causing us all to DC. And speaking as a healer, it was hellish. But when both Healbot and my keyboard stopped working the other day, while trying to heal Utgarde Keep on a level 69 shaman, I felt completely helpless. Tab and keybind is one thing – having to tab and click was just too hard. So, between that and my ursine colleague’s post about addons, I got to thinking. Which of them do I really not want to be not working?

The first big problem with the base UI is the raid frames. I use Xperl for a sensible set of raidframes; perhaps not the best in the world, but I’m used to them, and used to what I can do with them. So there’s one for the Keep list.

Then there’s the bar layout, or utter lack of it, in the base UI. I can point and click if my keybopard dies, at least if I’m on a character I know a bit better, and that makes a sensible bar layout a good backup. So Bartender is an essential for me.

Then there’s Healbot. I hate healing without Healbot. I have tried Vuhdu and don’t like it; if I’d gotten Grid+Clique sooner maybe I’d use that. But regardless, Healbot makes healing so much easier.

For raiding, Getting Things Healed is a fantastic tool for anyone assigning healing. I’d not want to do that without it again. I’d quite like a Getting Things Tanked equivalent, too!

Pallypower! Oh dear God, having to manage buffs without it! No, that’s defintiely one I need. It’s possible the Cataclysm changes will remove the need for this; then again, even setting auras woudl be useful still.

Omen for a dps, I don’t want to try living without. Mouseover threat is all very well, but I like being able to see when I need to Feign Death on my current target all the time.

BigBrother I have to keep simply because it tells me where my misdirects actually went. And where everyone else’s have, too. It does other things that I can live without, like telling the raid what a bunch of non-food-eating slackers they are, but that’s not the bit I want it for!

Decursive for my mage, I could I suppose get rid of, an go back to using Healbot. But Decursive is so much better! So that’s another for the Keep pile.

And Deadly Boss Mods is good for raiding. I can manage without, sure, but why would I?

Lightheaded and TomTom are both useful for questing but non-essential. Altoholic again, helps me manage my excessive number of alts. AtlasLoot is handy sometimes, SpamSentry makes Dalaran a nicer place to be, FuBar is a convenient place to stick the addons I like having handy. SilverDragon was helpful for spotting rares while I was hunting Spirit Beasts. All of these are optional. And there are a few more like that, too. Addons do seem to add up.

There’s of course, a question as to whether there’s some kind of purity to using only the ingame UI. But in all honesty, I find the base UI ugly as well. I like nice, small tidy things, without big dragons and huge great boxes cluttering up my screen. My UI is designed to provide me all the information I need in as unobtrusive a way as I can manage to have it. And the Blizzard UI just can’t do that for me.

I don’t mind stopping using addons when Blizzard make the ingame interface more useful. ItemRack has been happily replaced by the Equipment Manager. But I doubt Blizzard will ever make a base UI I like, so I am very glad indeed that they let us customise it the way they do!

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  1. Arcturis permalink*
    April 30, 2010 20:45

    Agreed. I just wish they would design one I like. Mostly because when they finally get around to doign something it is generally better and more polished.

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