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A 10 man raider’s view

April 28, 2010

I should preface this post with the fact that much as I should like to try serious 25 man progression raiding at some point, I have never done so. I therefore confess a bias. Further, I never have time to do all I want to in WoW so the concern about not being able to raid seven days a week (or even five) does not affect me. Two nights is more my style.

My feline colleague raises several concerns in an earlier post. I, in a totally parochial manner, propose to extol the virtues of the new system:

1) Equal rights for all raiders:
• currently there is a definite feeling that 10 man raiders are second class citizens of Azeroth. Our gear is less good, we cannot get the shiny orange pixels and we cannot get the prettiest ponies (except for sparklepony of course).
• If you raid primarily 10 mans, then you are less likely to be able to brute force an encounter as quickly. When we walked into ICC I was in TOTC10 fear mostly with some items from Ulduar 10. This was as intended for ICC 10. But I read in blogs of 25 man raiders who quickly ran ICC 10 for more badges and a little loot so as to make 25 man easier. 10 man being easier already because they were in TOTC25 man gear.
• Most importantly, this will hopefully dispel the arguments about which is more difficult. There are good arguments on each side (25 man has extra mechanics, more dps requirements etc, 10 man has much less room for anyone not pulling their weight). Now Blizzard has committed to making them equal. I think that is great.

2) Let people do what they want:
• the argument that it will be harder to field a 25 man is probably true. But this is a game! If something is not as much fun for you then don’t do it. Conversely, if you do enjoy 25 mans then they are still here (and for that matter more profitable than ever before). If the “epic” factor is only present for people in 25 mans then the people who feel that will go to those still.
• in the short term, 25 man guilds may have problems as those who left for pure purple pixel-related purposes leave because they can get their fix quicker in 10 mans. But this will stabilise, the best players who prefer 25 men will remain and these will probably be the most dedicated too. All in all, I predict 25 man raiding getting better and not worse as the vast numbers of annoying, gearscore-toting, wowcock waving idiots leave it for 10 mans. On second thoughts, this is a terrible idea. Please keep those people ticked away in their 25 man guilds and away from me me!
• But, unfashionable, as it may be it comes down to Market economics. If 25 man raiding is viable and fun then it will survive. If it is not fun then it will not. This is a game that we play for fun. This is the right idea.

3) Stave off the burnout
• now I have never been burned out of wow. Annoyed enough with people to stop playig for a few days, yes. So busy at work that I have not managed to log on, yes. Feeling sociable and arranging to meet people everyday and therefore not log on, yes. Bored in WoW, no. If I was, I’d read a book.
• But it is obvious that people do get bored. We see blogs disappear, we see people not log on for weeks. Often the reason is what //Tam would call the sanity tap. He referred to daily heroics but I suspect that 2-7 Icecrown lockouts a week would have a similar effect.

4) The right gear
• I mentioned this above but I think there is a big benefit to not being able to get items that allow you to overhear current content. I do not like the fact that my most potent armour is from badges just because it is 25 man level. I don’t like that the puggable 25 man VOA has better T10 than I can otherwise get (and which I really need to justify easily my use of the situational t10 4 piece bonus over the offset badge/crafted pieces. This will stop that.

Gating, I am less positive about. I may talk about that later.

All in all, I think this is a good direction for people like me in the game. I actualy think it is good for the 25 man raiders too but possibly only in a “you vill enjoy zis” sort of way.

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  1. April 28, 2010 11:06

    Gets my vote. The gating thing is somewhat icky though, I forgot that amidst the waves of warm happiness the other changes engender in my shrivelled heart.

    Still! If it means I never have to look at a Solace with the same kind of bitter envy, or hear how only 25-mans are the ‘real’ raids…

    I’m hoping the Valour Point cap per week will banish the sanity tap to an occasional punishment rather than a daily chore, but as with so many other things Cataclysmic we’ll just have to wait to see the numbers I guess.

  2. Luiniel permalink
    April 29, 2010 17:24

    I probably have to admit to being an addict. If I could get 4 ICC lockouts a week with good competent friendly people I’d do that quite happily. Certainly back in BC I was doing 2 Kara lockouts and a TK lockout a week and levelling alts to try and get more…

  3. April 30, 2010 11:46

    Of course, when you say that those who are in it for the epic feelwill remain, well, you’re right. But on some servers you’re lucky to have 2 or 3 serious 25 man guilds already. When there’s only one, and no one can get in because they have their raid team already thank you very much, then the people who aren’t in that team are the ones who are losing out :S

    As I said, I have no issue with the gear being the same myself. And when it comes to the lockouts, I’m just not a big fan of trying to raid seriously on many alts, and not optimistic enough to think Blizzard will make twice as man raids available.

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