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April 27, 2010

Switching between alts can be very confusing, no matter what I do. I do try and, for example, set Healbot up so that similar spells are produced by similar modifiers and clicks (Riptide is Holy Shock, Wild Growth is Holy Nova), and I do try and get things like taunts on the same keybinds. Still, I switch from one healer to another, and get a moment of ‘Oh dear, what do all these buttons do!’. And switching from one tank to another is worse, but then, my two tanks are a Burr! and a paladin, and they are very different styles.

This could partly be solved, of course, by me not speccing every single character that can be so specced as a tank or healer, or both! I don’t have the same problems moving from hunter to mage to deathknight to rogue. Then again, if it can heal or tank, I want to be healing or tanking, so I will have to live with it!

I do have other strategies to try and minimise switchover shock. I try and make sure my lovingly designed UI is exactly the same for every character I have. Of course, some toons need addons that others don’t: Kharthus’ Hunter Timers is too useful to get rid of, for example. But Omen, oRA, Xperl, RangeDisplay, FuBar, etc etc are all set up to be just exactly the same. And where things have similar purposes, they go in the same place. My mage is using Decursive, and my DK has a rune tracker thing, and those both go where Healbot goes for healers.

It’s also getting hard to keep up with what’s what with all my alts. I mean, staying current with the theorycrafting on 7 80s is a bit hard, even when some of them are the same classes. After all, a lot of those classes have three or even four specs. It’s harder to keep up with the theory than with the gear, and that’s hard enough!

So the question is, why so many alts? Well, I enjoy levelling, for a start. I’m one of the fastest people I know at doing so when I am in the mood, too, so that alt I start for a bit of a break from heroics, well, that alt will be 80 and gearing up before I know it. And sometimes I wanted an alt to go to away from guild, and sometiems I wanted an alt to go to away from everyone. These add up! And I can’t bear to delete any of them, so I end up with more and more.

The biggest problem I have, though, is that I can’t keep track of which alts have what Stuff. Who had the better fishing rod? Who has flasks this week? Who needs chilled meat to do the cookng daily? Altoholic helps a bit, but only a bit. There’s only one solution. Every alt clearly has to have the Tabard of the Crusader, the Kaluak fishing pole, and any other useful item I might be annoyed to find that they don’t have when I log in!

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  1. Arcturis permalink
    April 28, 2010 11:37

    The Tabard of the Crusader? You cracked and did the dailies after all?

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