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Addons: love ’em or hate ’em?

April 26, 2010

I was recently reminded when helping a friend to start a new character of what the base UI looks like. And it is prettier than the one I have.

Now I am not a brilliant UI designer, mine is cobbled together as I find addons I like or desperately try to find a way to display something I need. I am sure it could be better.

But is it really a good thing to have a game that shrugs and says use an addon? Every so often I do some questing without my UI and revel in the prettiness of the world. But in Ulduar, one of the prettiest of instances, this is impossible because my performance would go down so drastically.

Whenever Blizzard actually redoes a portion of the UI they do it well. I still run with Ligtheaded by I can’t remember when I last looked something up on it. Under protest, I used to use a totemtimer mod and gave it up thankfully for the blizzard totem timers. I never used a totem mod for putting down tots because I key bound them all, but slowly I am using the call spells for all totems ecept ones I want situationally (tremor totem, I look at you).

I long for the day that I could retire x-perl. It is ugly and complicated. I don’t need everything it does. But the blizzard raid frames are dreadful. Someday maybe they will fix them.

But why does it have to take so long? So much information is needed and not given by the basic UI. I want a pretty game again but this cannot be at the expense of clarity and effectiveness.


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  1. April 27, 2010 15:59

    Ah, whilst I don’t agree that the default UI is pretty, I do wish I could make my own less intrusive.

    Hitting Alt+Z feels oddly liberating in a way it probably shouldn’t.

    But I need certain data to be presented to me in a way the default UI can’t or won’t provide, and I get used to having certain tools (I’m pretty sure I can’t live without Clique any more).

    This is slightly compounded by a small laptop screen and underpowered laptop in general. Several mods that would make better use of available space (Dominos springs to mind) just reduce it to a crawl. So I end up with a cluttered, ugly hodgepodge and know your pain.

    Allowing UI mods, though, remains an excellent stance in my mind. It certainly reduces the pressure on the developers to make the built-in UI raidworthy, but the sheer variety of addons you can get is lovely.

    • Arcturis permalink
      April 27, 2010 17:34

      Mmm, I would be sorry to lose the ability to have addons. I love and crave them.

      But I do think it a shame they are quite so necessary. And think it wrong that the basic game is quite so lacking.

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