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10 Man vs 25 Man

April 26, 2010

Well, so now we know. In Cataclysm, 10 and 25 man modes will share a lockout and loot. The loot, I don’t care a great deal about, except in that for those of us who want to do 25’s because they are more fun, it may well make it harder to get 25 people together to do it, because the people who just wanted the ‘best’ gear will probably not bother.

When I say, 25’s are more fun, I suppose what actually I mean is that they are ‘more’. There’s something quite wonderful about 25 people working together like, well, a raid; it’s one of the things that makes me really enjoy raiding. The moment when the night of wiping becomes a click, and the whole raid moves like a dance, and everything is just perfect. And then there’s the kills that you get because somehow enough people hang on and do more than their best for just long enough. And both of these somehow seem just moreso in 25 man, just like the rush of killing that boss you’ve been wiping on all week seems more. And I’m not enough of a fool to think that many or even most of the raid team is there for the same reason, but it doesn’t matter if they are there for the gear, or the titles, or the mounts, or the kudos; we’re all working on those kills.

But despite the fact that I prefer 25 man,the idea of 10 and 25 sharing a lockout bothers me. Why? Well, I have been known to raid 7 nights a week, and short of raiding on alts even more than I do, how am I going to do that if the available content has been halved? That’s what it means. One VOA per week. One ICC. Unless they release twice as many raids, where are we going to get the content from? For sad no lifers like me, it’s like hearing that the pub is going to close on Saturday night, and only open again on Wednesday.

And when they also say they are planning more gated content, which means that for the first however many weeks, new raids will be only one or two bosses, and not make up an evening’s raiding… Well, someone in the US comments thread asked if they were planning to halve the subscription fee as a result; I have to admit, I rather feel like that about it. Seriously, guilds that can kill things quickly will have to wait 10 weeks to get a full evening of raiding content? Presumably so that they can’t get too far ahead of the people who aren’t able to keep up?

I guess that it will make endgame more accesible for the people who have less time to play. And I also guess that those are a majority of Blizzard’s custom these days, and probably, since they are online less, they also cost Blizzard less per subscription! And I know that lamenting the possibility that I won’t have content in an online game to spend every night playing it opens me to people telling me I am sad and have no life, but then, I knew that already.

Of course, part of the problem here, is that the lower tier raids are way too easy to be fun. Who does Naxx any more? Sarth is only ever done as a zerg, and takes 5 minutes. Freshly dinged 80’s pug TotC, these days. And I can’t see Blizxzard havign the guts to take away the principle of instaloot from badges, because it’ very very popular with those who don’t have time to get loot otherwise…

I don’t know. But this has made me a sad panda.

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