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Calamari or the belated death of Yogg-Saron

April 19, 2010

There are two fights that I have always said I will be upset if I don’t finish in Wrath. One is the Lich King and the other is the giant brain squid; Yogg-Saron. Well, I am pleased to say that I have finally actually sunk my sword deep into his brain and either killed him or driven him so deep into slumber that it will be millennia until he threatens my beloved but crumbling world again.

He died on our third attempt last night.

Some thoughts arise:

1) I am not sure we deserved the kill. We touched at least two clouds in Phase 1 and I for one was scrambling around the brain room completely lost (also, I hate the sanity drain on that phase! I want to look around damnit! I have never before realised how playing tourist can drive you insane before!) each time I ran in. Phase 3 actually felt good though. As far as I know that was the first time the guild had pushed through to it but we managed to sort ourselves out and push through.

2) Gear helps! We coped with the mistakes in phase 1 by having ridiculous dps that burst down each add as quickly as it came (at least once before it was anywhere near Sara, oops!). I may have flailed around in the brain room but even a small amount of time was a fair amount of damage. On phase three, adds died so quickly and tanks were so beefy that I spent every non-madness inducing moment killing the squid and he has far fewer hit points than I am used to.

3) It still took skill! Despite my whines above, we wiped very quickly the first two times when people hit more clouds and then messed up phase 2. The gear basically allowed us to recover from one cock-up and push through but not two.

Oh, and 4) It is the first fight where I have been glad to be asked to dps not tank. Tanking that fight is annoying in phase 1, boring in phase 2 and I don’t know phase 3.

The thing is, it felt good. I’ve been wanting to kill Yogg-Saron from the moment I saw Ulduar. In some ways, he felt much more my nemesis than the Lich King. The exultation when he died was easily as great as some of the first kills in BC for me. Even with the extra gear, it felt difficult and when we killed him it felt as if everyone had focussed and come together.

Mind you, it may be one fight where I have sympathy for the 25 man raids are harder. Imagine that many people having to avoid the clouds. Normally I argue that one of two idiots can be carried in 25 man / left to die. In Y-S, they will take you with them!

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