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Are emblems fun?

April 18, 2010

I was looking at Zavier recently. His gear is in many ways obscene but it occurred to me that I am emotionally attached to very few of the items, my axe and mace perhaps.

In contrast, I can still remember many of the items that Eleiana carried in the Burning Cruade. The shield she took from the smoking remains of an undead dragon (my favourite item ever since it occasionally breathed smoke), the Tier 5 that she won the first time my guild downed Lootreaver. Items that were far less potent than many who stood at the forefront of the battle against Illidan and Kil’jaeden but nonetheless I felt proud to have attained.

Now, Zavier’s tanking gear has an average ilevel of about 250. But the vast majority of those items were bought from badges (or crafted from badge purchasable items). And somehow it is not as much fun. The weapons I mentioned were drops and they have something of the same glamour but the T10? The items that are a higher ilevel than anything that will drop for me in ICC10? They were inevitable purchases and if anything I am relieved to finally have them rather than celebrating.

But I do not demy that it is a relief not to have to worry about the RNG. It is horrible desperately wanting gear that never drops. For that matter, even now I am infuriated by the lack of decent boots for my dps spec but cannot buy any upgrades with badges.

I think my response would be to make a full set of decent armour that gets an upgraded version every time a new Tier comes out. It would be solidly itemised (perhaps with quite a liot of hit and expertise so that it could be used to make this up if necessary). More, it would be half a Tier behind the 10 man armour so drops would nearly always e upgrades but someone in the full suit would be perfectly able to do well in the raid.

So, the badge armour sold for Trial of the Cruader would have been ilevel 226. When ICC came out, that armour would stop being on the vendors and they would sell 246 ilevel armour instead. Perhaps you could upgrade with the old item and a smaller number of badges than they would cost on their own. But the point would be that this armour as really for dungeon runners, alts and slots where Lady Luck has cursed you. It would not be BIS and leave you looking at ICC as a badge farming place rather than somewhere do get your best items from.

Convenience and an easing of frustration is what I’d like from emblems, not BiS. I’m sure this is possible buti am not sure it is where the game is going.

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