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April 18, 2010

Right. I have a brilliant solution to all my PUGgging woes.

Firstly, I’d like a little slider everyone has to set to a number between 0 and 10. That’s how experienced they think they are. I don’t care if you never came here before, but it annoys me like mad when you say, after the third wipe ‘LOL I haven’t been here before, am i doing it wrong?’ People might lie, but at least then I’d know to kick them!

I’d like a box to say ‘I’m an alt, so don’t worry about my gear, I know what I’m doing’. Blizzard could provide this, if you had at least one other Level 80 on your account. It could even be an achievement! That way, even if I look at your gear and think, ‘Oh dear’, I may be a little reassured. Yes, I do gear check people, exspecially the tank as a DPS and as a healer. As a DPS, frankly, I need to know how hard I can expect to work not to get aggro. For example, earlier today, my poor hunter did the whole of UK under the influence of Blizzard’s secret threat management tool, Aspect of the Viper. And, despite her MD, and the rogue’s Tricks, and her use of said tool, repeatedly pulled aggro because Feign Death was on cooldown. At least I was warned of this by looking at his clothes first. And as a healer, I need to know if I’m gonna be spamming Hurricane, or spamming Nourish.

Next up, I’d like a way to say, I’d like a fast run, skipping all the bosses we can skip. Or, I’d like a slow run, that doesn’t skip everything, but aims for many Emblems. This would prevent at least half the time-wasting arguments! We managed one compromise of 3 out of 4 bosses rather than 2 or 4, but it took longer than just killing the extra would have.

I’d like a way to put someone on a by-spec ignore list. There are DPS out there I’m happy to tank for, but who I don’t want to meet in a PUG with a random tank, when I am healing. There are tanks I am happy to heal, and do not want to DPS for. I can’t think of any healers I want in one mode and not another…

I’d like a way to need on cloth as a tree if there are no cloth wearers in the group. I’d like the same for my paladin, on mail, leather and cloth!

And lastly, I’d like a way to force people not to start the first pull until the respecced healer has mana.

In other news, I’m glad I delayed saying more about the Cataclysm paladin notes. Holy Shock has said it so well.

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