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Optimistic: Dark Simulacrum

April 13, 2010

So, Dark Simulacrum, basically just Spell Reflect flavoured with some necrotic energy, no?


Having ranted extensively about the Cataclysm changes (and fully intending to do so more), I thought it would be fun to be slightly more positive.

You have been warned, if you don’t like this, sod off now while you have the chance.

Still here? Right good, look at this blackboard.

Well, actually I am typing this on a mobile and have no access to either a blackboard or, for that matter, the Internet so instead, please visualise a blackboard. On this, there is written a description of the proposed new spell ‘Dark Simulacrum’ in the original blue. Oh, ok, go an look it up on MMO champion if you like, I’ll wait.

So, what does this mean for us proud death knights, the inheritor of the Lich King and the only servants of his who will ever exceed his own power?! Well, for those interested in pvp it probably means a lot. That shaman who just put a flame shock on you? He’s about to get hit on the face with his own lava burst. Obvious really.

The chief downside of this as far as I can tell, compared to the warrior version, is that it may still hurt us. Now I would argue that this means it should affect more spells but we’ve been told it will work on the same spells as Spell Reflect. So, wis there any reason to be optimistic?

The truth is, of course, that we have far too little information to really know. But speculation is fun:

This is where I confess to a lack of understanding of warriors but I don’t know if they get threat from the spells they reflect. If not then DK tanks have a bonus threat ability over warriors.

Either way however, this is intriguing for dps as there us currently no indication that it will require being in frost presence. As far as I can tell, warriors can only really use this as a tanking abilty – it reflects the next spell that hits them. But all death knights will be able to use this and unleash an enemy’s powers upon them. It’s like being a Mage (spellsteal) and a warrior (spell reflect) combined. Imagine a death knight tank with this power on Jaraxxus. Happy? I know I am!

Secondly, we don’t know of it will negate the spell cast on us. If so, then tanks get a third interrupt. If not, as I suspect then they still get yet another reason to put them in front of a caster boss.

Thirdly, warriors just get to shove a fridge door I’m front of a fireball and push it back on the bad guy’s face. I, being an intelligent kind of chap, get to understand what he is doing and do it back to him (hopefully, while soaking all his power up In my lovely green shield). In terms of flavour, I love it. All your powers belong to ME!

Finally, there could be a lot of skill in this depending on whether it is used like an interrupt (must be done during the cast) or simply places a debuff on the boss. Again, details needed but it could be fun either way

A copy yes, weaker in certain circumstances yes. But also an ability with great potential to be fun! And, in te WMD, that is what I am looking for.

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