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Pedantry and a cat.

April 12, 2010

My ursine colleague had a similar thought to me, obviously. But here it is anyway!

I’m not half as much of a pedant as some people I know. However, there are some usages and mistakes that are common on World of Warcraft that I find especially irritating.

1) Looking for tanker. I’m not a large vessel for transporting oil. I’m a tank, a mobile armored machine of death!

2) Looking for rouge. Makeup cannot open lockboxes, not even if you grease them with it.

3) Guild adverts that are badly spelt, badly punctuated and have appalling grammar. If you’re going to spam trade with recruitment ads, please at least take the time to spellcheck them.

4) People who think that shouting is cool. LF TANK LAST SPOT TOC! How hard is it to remove your finger from the shift key, or to hit capslock again, between LF and the rest of the sentance?

More excitingly, I have Gondria! Yes, after all this time, I get Arcturis and Gondria within two days of each other. I am a truly happy hunter! And so I am off to admire my new beautiful pets!

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  1. April 13, 2010 12:28

    In a similar vein to (1), I do dislike being called ‘Heals’ in pugs. I’m not that picky; “the healer” is fine; any viable contraction, mangling or misspelling of my character name is fine; “the troll/cow/druid/shaman/idiot standing in fire/idiot with no mana” are all fine and generally accurate for whatever flavour of make-bars-go-up I’m bimbling around on.

    Just not ‘Heals’. Grr.

    Oh! Also on the vague subject of (2), I’ve had far more success with random blacksmiths and engineers than ‘rouges’ for prying open locked things. I choose to believe this is because rogues are all evil and bad and are too busy plotting how to steal my mana by dying in fires to unlock stuff.

    • April 15, 2010 18:00

      I have to agree about ‘heals’. It’s little things like that that just make PUGs a little bit less fun, and enough of them gets really annoying!

      As for rogues and lockboxes, I made a lot of money by standing in Dalaran one day and announcing ‘Rogue opening all lockboxes, tips welcome’!

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