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Putting the boot on the other foot

April 11, 2010

We have all heard of huntards and deathtards. Some will know that rouge is not just make up. But have you heard of these others?

– Druidiot
– Tardlock
– Shaftman
– Wallydin
– Warriduh

There, see how you like it?

p.s. Any suggestions for Mage and Priest gratefully accepted.

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  1. April 13, 2010 12:20

    How odd, I seem to have more for Paladins than any other class…

    Apart from the ubiquitous Retardin, I’ve also encountered Ploddin and – usually in VoA pugs – FFSKingsPlx.

    Mages and priests are a bit tricky. I’m sure someone mentioned Disctard the other day, and I’d like to put the following up for consideration:

    Shaderp priest.
    Fire Mage (I kid! Sorta. My fire mage likes detonating stupidly, there’s something innately dumb about a spec that gets kicks out of Playing With Fire).

    Holy… yeah, OK, I’m stumped.

    Also: Hello people, I am the OomYol collective. You will all gem Haste.

  2. April 15, 2010 18:07

    I like Arcanumpty!

    Faillock is one I’ve bumped into, disctard and retardin definitely also.

    I also think a bad ‘lock coudl be a fizzlebang… after a certain gnome.

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