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Today I have mostly: tamed Arcturis

April 10, 2010

I’ve been a lover of spirit beasts for a very long time, and indeed, I tamed my first, Loque’nahak, as I was levelling my hunter to 80 in week one of WoTLK. I’ve not been lucky enough to get my paws on Gondria yet, but I have had Skoll for a while. Tonight was the lucky night for the beautiful ghostly bear, so Arcturis, you are now mine… and you need a name!

Which brings me neatly onto the class previews for Cataclysm. I’m waiting to see what’s in store for paladins, and my beloved main, but all of the alts I play at all seriously I have liked  the previews for. It all looks new and interesting, and while there will surely be balance issues to work out, it’s breathing a fresh interest into the game for me. I’m sure I’ll be trying out rogue tanking in heroics, for a start!

I’m especially fond of the hunter stuff – trap launcher seemed great when they first suggested it, and while I’m not sure about the focus mechanic, I’m enthused by not having mana. The thing that really makes me want to jump about, though, is the idea that many pet families will offer some form of raid buff, and we will have a lot more space to store our pets. Thus I will  be able to pet collect to my heart’s content, while at the same time, bringing a range of useful buffs for my raid to choose from. And, dare I hope, raid viable spirit beasts? That would be truly wonderful; at the moment I have two level 80 hunters: one to collect spirit beasts, and one to raid with… and I am a sad sad panda that raiding means wolf.

See, I’m hooked on pets. I have the Little Fawn’s Salt Lick, twice. And I love pc-controlled pets that much more. My mage, despite my usual minimax tendencies, is resolutely frost. I love the spec and the playstyle, and I do like pushing myself to beat those arcane mages on the meters, but I also love the pet (please Blizzard let me name my elemental! Or name him for me!). When I briefly had a deathknight, they had, you guessed it, permanent ghoul. If I ever level a lock, I’ll be rerolling if I can’t stand the names of my demons. And shaman means enhancement: Spirit Wolves (which almost make up for me missing out on the Grimtotem spirit wolf back in the day).

I also actually miss the hunter old pet skills mechanic, where if you wanted to teach your pet Claw (rank 3), you had to go and tame something with Claw (rank 3), so you could first learn it yourself. I really enjoyed the feeling of accomplishment that gave me. Being able to say ‘No bleeds today? Have a hyena! No armour reduction? Have a wasp! No curse of elements? Have a wind serpent!’ will send me out on a quest to tame a rare or special example of every useful pet, and that will give me that sense of achievement, and make me a very happy little hunter.

Also, given that I seem to roll at least one hunter on every server I play on, getting ranged abilities early, and a pet at level 1 seems like a fantastic change.

Now, please just let the paladin preview look half as good…

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  1. Arcturis permalink
    April 12, 2010 11:27

    Grizzly Hills was only a set-back! I am free and untamed still!

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