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April 8, 2010

So, this Tree of mine. She’s been running many instances, on account of wanting the gear. And I have many frustrations to air as a result.

1) Blizzard, I hate you. Seeing lovely cloth healing items DEd because despite me asking nicely, the group would rather have crystals than let me have a piece of gear, is just depressing.

2) Everyone needs to be way more selfish. If someone is ruining your group, you should be able to kick them without any guilt or hesitation. A few examples here:

a) Normal FOS. We had a dk who was waving his (nonexistent) imba skillz in our face. I guess he was about 12 years old. He would pull ‘for’ the tank, he would be an annoying tit in chat, he was lambasting the rogue for not doing enough dps (rogue was fine). I got fed up and so did the others, and we kicked him. We went on to 4 man FOS and POS, and have a lovely fun time. We all felt a bit guilty for kicking him, because he was just a really annoying kid, but we did, and I was glad we did.

b) Heroic DTK. Easy run, thought I. Tank with awesome gear, Starcaller title. What can go wrong? Well, I can get healing aggro every time there are more than three mobs in the pull. Pfft. And his annoying attitude did not help. Others were more annoyed: when he refused to not skip the Dinosaur, some people went on, some stayed behind, and after much angst the tank was kicked. I abstained, I felt guilty, despite how awful he was as a tank. This, I think, was partly because people were dying. As the healer, this feels like your fault, even when you know (because you are tanking) that it’s mostly because people have aggro. Also, of course, on my main, or even my other tree, I’d just have healed through it…

c) Heroic HoS. Slow and painful run, mostly because there was a dps dk doing less than 800 dps. This made for extreme pain for me, the poor healer. The tank made a vote to kick him, I said yes, but the vote failed. I sweated blood to heal us through the rest of the instance, and almost decided that this healing thing is just not worth the pain.

Somewhere in this, I said to someone, ‘Yes, but I am supposed to be doing this for fun’. It’s true. I have had some lovely runs, but there have been some really awful ones. And yet somehow just kicking the scrubs, the gits and the people who are spoiling it for me and three other people, is something I have to feel guilty and defensive about. Once upon a time, awful heroics made me question my value as a tank or healer. Now they just make me question whether I actually want to play WoW any more.

3) Gear Score is evil. I have been kicked from 2 pugs before the first pull because ‘my GS is too low’.

a) Blizzard let me queue for FOS+ and POS+, OK+ and Occ+ are hardly hard by comparison.

b) I’ve healed TOTC5+ and FOS5+ just fine.

c) I can do over 3k hps (HOS escort, so not a short fight either). Get a life, my low GS is irrelevant, I’ve been healed by people who suck in great gear, and whatever I am wearing, I am a good healer. At least, you know, clear the trash and see what I’m like?

4) For the love of God, please, can people learn that actually, there are some bosses where skipping them and doing another heroic is a faster way of getting badges than killing them – but that arguing about it is the slowest possible way, so please can we either skip or not, and just get on with this.

5) Stop asking me if I need mana. I have a macro to tell you at the start of the run ‘Go ahead and pull, I’ll shout if I need mana’ – I mean it. Contrariwise, don’t pull when I do ask for mana. Especially, do not do both these things in the same instance.

6) I’m fed up of people with bad gear, gem and enchanting choices feeling that because they have a mythical ‘main’, they can offer advice to others in our group. Sort yourselves out! I have 7 80’s, I have been known for RLing 25 man PUGs, I probably know as much about playing your main as you do, and I certianly know more about playing your alt, and your measly 2k dps does not mean you have a clue.

Hmm, before this gets even more ranty, it’s time for me to stop. This was going to be an upbeat post about something, but all this pugging has driven it clean out of my head.

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  1. April 13, 2010 12:52

    ::hug:: The silver lining quotient of Dungeon Finder pugs appears to be declining steadily…

    1) Argh. Not much else to say here, except I hope more leather drops for you over time. I don’t think this behaviour is malicious, in general, just a combination of cross-server apathy and ingrained habit. The D/E button is just the natural thing to click nowadays.

    2) Absolutely and totally agree on this. The more hard-nosed you can be with calling out people on their pernicious stupidity and vote-kicking repeat offenders, the less pain overall. Worst case the group vote-kicks you instead, in which case there’s no deserter debuff and you get a (nearly instant) new group. The sooner you do this after starting an instance, the less time you waste, no matter the outcome. Anyone who is actively turning a fun activity into something which is painful and even causing you self-doubt needs a swift kick inna fork.

    Of course, far better to group with a couple of Real People so you have backup in the face of idiots, heh. And being a shadowy vote-kicking cabal within the pug is kinda fun. But if that doesn’t work, falling back on actually demanding people behave like sentient creatures with a pretence of empathy is the next best thing. If they can’t deal with that, they lose the awesome tree!

    3) Yeah. GS is evil, and the people misusing it are idiots. One advantage to being a tree is that you can hide those horrible levelling greens and blues (from casual eyeball inspection at least).

    I’ll just nod emphatically at the rest of the points, lest I start ranting myself. Thanks for the entertaining read anyway!

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