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A Cowardly New World

April 7, 2010

I loved the concept, when it was announced, of three trees all viable for both dps and tanking. I was unsure it would work mind you. But the idea was great and seemed to be the one thing that made it a “hero” class to me (yes, I know it really just meant they got a mount, 55 levels and shiny bling but heroes have something unique about them, not just their equipment in my book cf. David and Goliath).

It hasn’t always worked. It has been obvious on occasion that Blizzard has struggled with balancing all trees for pvp and pve, dps and tanking with a dual wield option. But it was a cool, fun idea. It gave us interesting options for multiple tank specs, for dual wielding (although I currently run tank/dps I had a ball on specific fights such as Dreamweaver and Blood Princes in an unholy tank spec that I could never have tanked Saurfang on), for hitting things with big axes. Choices, options, I liked this.

I guess the warriors were complaining again? 🙂 As an aside, is it only me that gets slightly annoyed by the incessant complaints of warriors that they are no longer the only tank? Mind you, I am biased as it is the only tank I do not have at 80.

But if Blizzard could not afford the developer time to balance all these, could they not have got rid of something else? I’d have no objection to them getting rid of dual-wield which I still think looks silly for a death knight. I guess lots of people would.

Meh, I guess I am just upset because they are nerfing my shiny class. But to be honest, this is not just a nerf. It is a complete class redesign and an admission by Blizzard that something is too difficult for them to do. I’m not uses to this.

Normally, I expect Blizzard to make quick changes to sort something out I’d they perceive a problem and wait for the next expansion to sort it out properly. But the key thing is they do this by improving the design. I had vaguely hoped they would go the other way and allow you to tank and dps in all trees as a warrior. But instead they redesign the class to be just like all the others. No individuality, no room for difference. We’ll be just like all the others.

Makes the post I wrote for today ironic. Maybe I’ll put it up later and you can see why I wonder what my main will be for catacysm. Warrior maybe? they seem to be getting lots of love.

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