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Where have all the Heads gone?

April 4, 2010

I’m not sure this is the most exciting way to make a first post on a blog. However!

You know those murlocs? In Eversong? Why do less than a quarter of them have heads?

I can see that my paladin, swinging her big mace, might be crushing the heads of her unfortunate victims. Mage? They are toast, of course, and everyone knows that warlocks melt faces. But. Here, we’re talking about a hunter. Precisely placed arrows! How exactly am I bad enough at shooting to destroy the heads of four in five of the murlocs that I target?

Furthermore, there’s dear old Mmmrrrggglll himself. Not just him, but a huge series of NPCs starting with Felendren the Banished, followed by Thaelis the Hungerer and Prospector Anvilward only a few quests later.

So there I am, in a party with a friend. And lo! Although only one in five murlocs have heads, these people all have two each. When both of us gets a head, I can only imagine that we are actually cutting them in half, or duplicating them by a more gruesome method.

This is, of course, the answer to the painted coconut shells! Quest NPCs are used to the adventurers painting coconuts. All but one of every party does it every time we kill one of these mobs.

I know how to make my wowfortune now – set up a coconut selling stall…

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