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Am I SANe yet?

April 4, 2010

Well, I’ve been reading blogs for a while and meaning to write one bur never quite got round to it. So I guess it was the introduction of Single Abstract Noun that finally got me past the technophobia and laziness to do it. That and the fact that I have a co-blogger now.

So, while I still feel a bit like an imposter perhaps my SANity is growing.

As for what I plan to write about (on the grounds that anyone who stumbles or, heaven forfend, is mad enough to look).
– a few thoughts on theorycrafting and summaries of stuff about whatever class is holding my attention at the moment (mostly for my own benefit so I have reference places)
– random rants and responses to other rants
– poorly edited and probably mispelled stories of the lives of the real people behind my side of this blog; the characters who are currently battling their way through Icecrown Citadel in the hope of putting an axe through the Lich King’s rotting head.

What I plan to avoid:
– real life; it bores me, it will probably bore you and it shall not be inflicted on mmmrrrggglll.
– guild drama; ‘cos one never knows who is reading thus stuff. Mind you, I reserve the right to rant if necessary (if I decide it is necessary, that is).

So, hope you enjoy. If you don’t, try the spectral cat’s stuff. If neither, cheerio.

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